My Favorite TV Show

I love fantasy. Science fiction is probably my favorite genre of all. Gothic and horror stories are also interests of mine. Action and adventure movies get ten times as much money out of me as Oscar-nominated "serious films."

None of which could possibly give you any insight into the reasons I love my favorite TV show, Judging Amy.

I don't know what it is. I have some ideas. It could be the brilliant writing, the superior acting, or perhaps the emotional connection. Maybe it's because every time I watch an episode, I am left powerfully affected by the ethical and personal implications of the issues the show addresses and at the same time moved by the power of a family to deal with the troubles of complicated life. Or maybe it's because one of the show's main characters is a short-story writer.

Regardless of the reason why, I think this is the best drama on television. I recommend you watch it at least once. It's on Tuesday nights on CBS.


Judging Amy fan site
This is a nice site with some information about my favorite show. Episode guides, photographs, cast information, etc. Check it out.